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Punk n' Junk

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Fast Crowd Records is doing a show to help pay for Che Café’s recent legal counsel fees in the fight!

The show will be held at Che Café 1000 Scholars Drive La Jolla, CA 92093 on Saturday October 18th starting at 4pm (please save the date). $10 donation at the door. All proceeds will benefit Che Café. Please spread the word and we hope you can make it!


Toys That Kill



The Bertos

Nimzo Indians

Western Settings

Dan Padilla

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Bird Strike is BAAAACK! live at the Wulf Den from this past weekend.

check 2:17 for a some hott Daryl on Rene action!

sweet text design by Matt, video shot by our loving leader Todd.

Razorcake Punk Music Magazine | Punk Band Interviews | Oi Polloi Interview |

I was fortunate enough to interview Oi Polloi for Razorcake during their first west coast tour back in April. 

The show was amazing and I had a blast talking to Deek, Xanadu, and Zodiac. Since it was after their show, I was shooting for maybe a 20-minute interview or something—we ended up talking for about an hour,

We talked about punk and Oi (duh), touched on spirituality, and had an extensive chat about voting and Scottish Independence.

Since the vote is on Thursday, here’s the interview.